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How to write good content

In this article, you can read about different approaches to writing good, searchable and sustainable content. Writing a good and well-thought-out text, which is so interesting and rewarding for the person reading it that the person actually reads the whole thing, is not super easy. In addition to the fact that you need an interesting


Dewriter is more than a text editor used for better content

Dewriter is not only our content editor, it’s the name of a whole suite of content related tools and services we are building. The editor is just the start as we are currently developing multiple different tools that will help the world create better content. We have a list of about 20 different tools that we intend to build and bring to you.

Most of the tools we release will be related to content in some way but some of them will have other purposes as well. A few networking tools, tools for technical search engine optimisation, webmaster tools and other things. 

Your support will speed up the development and you will get our deepest gratitude

This is a long term project and we work for free, without any funding or financial backers. We do this in our spare time for the sole reason of helping you create better content. We will continue to do so and most of our upcoming tools will be free of charge for ever and for everyone. But. Some services we want to release will unfortunately cost us money and therefor we need to bring in some form of revenue.

Because of this we have created a paid subscription plan, next to our free plan, which has a small fee attached to them.

It would be a great deal for us if you signed up for a contribution plan and if you do we will be for ever grateful to you. 

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