About us

Dewriter is not just a smart content editor, its more than that. It will be a whole suite of tools and services. Dewriter is the name of both the editor since it’s our main tool but its also the name of the whole suite of tools we are building.

We love content and we think that better structured content is needed everywhere. It doesn’t matter if its content intended for a web page or content intended for an offline document. The content should always be well structured and well formatted for a better readability and a better experience for the reader.

So, our goal is simply to provide tools that could help you create better content.

Dewriter.com offers services and tools that are mainly focusing on content and text. Our services are not primarily tools for search engine optimization (SEO) but rather for better content in general, wether its created for the web or for offline purposes. On the other hand, one positive and appreciated side effect or consequence of content written in our content and text editor is that it will most likely have better prospects of better ranking in search engines, if the content is created for web pages that is.

We have only launched a few tools for now, our main tool. Our content and text editor with smart suggestions a paraphraser and some small networking tools. We do however have a list of about 20 other tools and services which we already are working on and will launch in a near future. If you have a registered account,  a paid contribution plan or if you have signed up for our newsletter you will hear more about these upcoming services and their work in progress in advance. If not, you will find out about them on our web page when they are launched.

Pricing and subscription plans

Dewriter has no funding and no investors behind it. Mainly it’s just me working in my spare time with some help of other developers that are lending me a hand.

Dewriter will always be free to use with all its core features but some minor features will be exclusive for users with a paid contribution plan. This subscription plan has a small fee attached to it each month and the revenue from it will without exception go to further improvements of the editor and to maintain it and to development of our other services. Servers and services we use do cost money and we need to be able to pay our bills. Not a single penny from this plan will go to profit or even salaries. 

Our main goal is however to have full time developers working on other tools and services we are planning and even working on as we speak. Therefor we also have this paid subscription plan that costs a few bucks. If you subscribe to this plan we will regard you as some sort of a superhero and you will always have our sincerest respect. When signing up to this plan you will always have full access to all of our up and running and also upcoming services and you will most probably sleep better at night since you know you are contributing to something great.

Current tools & services


Our first and primary tool is our text editor called “Dewriter”. Maybe it doesn’t look like much for the world but under the hood its quite complex. It has lots of features, you can read a short summary of some features in the list below.

Core features of Dewriter:

  • It lets you structure your text in a better way with correct formatting. 
  • It monitors the markup of the text and gives you real time suggestions for better structure
  • It monitors the words, the sentences, the paragraphs, the headings and other things
  • It contains lots of wordset data, you get lists of synonyms, definitions of words, part of speech and other related data.
  • You can summarize your text where our algorithms gets the most important sentences and creates a summary based on their value.
  • It calculates the most important keywords from your text content.
  • It calculates the most important phrases from your text content.
  • Save the content/article and work with it another time

Dewriter will always be free to use with all its core features but we do have a paid plan as well. Servers and infrastructure costs money an thats why we have this paid plan, not a single penny will go to profit or to our own pockets from the paid plan. It will all go to further development of  features to the editor.

In addition to the core features contributors can:

  • Save or print their content as a PDF-file which includes both the content meta data, markup and the formated content itself.
  • Access to all future features before they are released to all users
  • Access to all future features we will add to the tool, we have a long list of features we are working on

Try or read more about our content editor?

Next in line…

We are working on multiple tools and will release them when we think they are good enough to be released. Except for a few small networking tools our next service is a kind of summary extractor for web pages. 

Lets say you want to summarise the content of a webpage, then you can just insert the web page url in a simple form and then receive a summary of the content of that particular web page.

We cant say exactly when this service will be launched but our best guess is that it will be released in late march or early april.

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