Simple image compressor

    What is an image compressor?

    This tool is mainly aimed at you who administer a website and want to compress and optimize the images on it. Images convey many different feelings and impressions, which makes the visitor perceive your website in one way or another.

    The problem is that while the images are very important for the user experience, they often also make up a large part of the page’s total “weight”. It is not unusual for the images to account for 60-80% of the page’s total size, which your browser must download before the visitor sees them. The larger the images, the longer it takes to load the page, which in turn can have negative consequences. If it takes too long to load the page, there is a big risk that the visitor will simply leave the page and visit another one that loads quickly instead. In addition, it has negative consequences from a purely SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective. The speed of the page is an important factor for the ranking and large, heavy images affect this negatively.

    Our image compression tool compresses and adapts the images so that they have a smaller file size and thus become more optimized for use and display on the web. In our tool, you can also scale down the size of the images by specifying the desired width or height in pixels or alternatively as a percentage in relation to the image’s original size.

    How to use this tool

    With our tool it is very easy to compress and resize your images.

    1. Select compression level

    You can choose three different degrees of compression where 1 is the lowest compression and 3 is the highest possible compression. Compression level 1 and 2 are more or less “Lossless” and you can hardly see any difference in the image quality with the naked eye. Level 3 is very powerful and in some images you may experience a slightly lower image quality.

    2. Specify whether you want to resize the image or not

    You can change the size by specifying the height or width of the image in pixels and the image will then be scaled proportionally according to the number of pixels you specified. You can also choose to scale the image by percentage, and then e.g. 50% would scale the image down to half the height and width of the original image.

    3. Upload the images you want to optimize

    Drag and drop the images you want to optimize into the clearly marked field or press browse to manually select the images from your file system.

    • As a guest user and for you with a registered free account, you can compress 5 images at a time but you can only select the highest compression level if you have registered for a free account
    • As a contributor, you can compress 20 images at a time and use the highest compression ratio as well as select all three compression levels at the same time giving you multiple versions of your optimized images.

    4. Save the optimized images to your computer

    You can download the images individually after the compression process is complete or you can create and download a zip file containing your new and optimized images along with a text file that clearly shows how much the images have been compressed and how much space you saved by optimizing them.

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